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Jini Says: Probiotics are one of the most important components for healing your gut and then ensuring you stay healed! For probiotics to have a therapeutic effect, clinical trials show you need to consume a miminum of 7-10 billion cfu per day (of EACH species). So check the bottle and be sure you’re consuming enough each day to see the desired results.


Natren probiotics come in three dosing or delivery methods. The blue bottles are dairy-based probiotics and the green bottles are dairy-free probiotics:

1. Single-species capsules -  individual species (e.g. /L. acidophilus/) extracted from the growth medium and packaged into capsules. Each capsule can be opened and the powdered contents mixed in water (ideal), yoghurt, milk or diluted apple or pear juice. 1 capsule = 2 billion c.f.u. Take on empty stomach.

2. Single-species powders - individual species (e.g. /L. acidophilus/) surrounded by their growth medium (culturing substrate) packaged as loose powder in a bottle. Powder can be mixed in water (ideal), yoghurt, milk or diluted apple or pear juice. 1/2 teaspoon = 2 billion c.f.u. Take on empty stomach.

3. Healthy Trinity - 3 species, extracted from the growth medium, together in 1 capsule, but each species is sealed off within its own oil bubble. Capsules should not be opened, and can be swallowed at any time (with or without food).

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